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Angel in Shining Armor

Suicide. It’s her only option. 19 year old Ayita High-Eagle determines to end her sordid existence with her abusive, drunk, promiscuous Mom.
The abuse, the alcohol, the revolving door of strange men… she can’t take it any longer.
Plotting to end her life, she carefully plans her suicide. She’ll goad her horse into throwing her onto the massive boulder she has staked out, hit her head and die.
What if her carefully staged suicide attempt fails? What if she doesn’t die and instead becomes a cripple? Maybe even a paraplegic?
Still, there’s no other option, she’s going for it.
Buy “Angel in Shining Armor” now and find out what happens next!

Kentucky Cowboy (Sagebrush Ranch Series Book 1)

Equestrian Dana Lockhart takes a break from show jumping, after her brother, Stefan is killed performing a jump. She opens a real estate office, using her equestrian contacts.
Newly widowed, aristocratic, Graham Van Rensellier and his two precocious, young sons are relocating here from Houston, hoping to start a new life. He wants to buy a horse farm. When they discover their shared goal to win the Kentucky Derby, Dana can’t help wondering if God has brought them together. With love on the horizon, Dana wonders if it will sustain them through the murky waters of pursuing their daunting goal of winning the Derby.
Buy this riveting story of unexpected love and shared passions. Find out if they have what it takes to win the coveted Derby and give love a second chance.

Kentucky Dreams (Sagebrush Ranch Series Book 2)

Dana and Graham continue their quest to win the Derby and donate the purse to Israel’s poor.
Danielle, Dana’s vile step-Mom will stop at nothing, in her quest to drive a wedge between Dana and Graham, and interfere with their prized colt, favoured to win the Derby.
When Dana is kidnapped, Graham suspects Danielle. Can Graham outfox and out-maneuver Danielle, and stay focused on his mission?
Read this harrowing, story of a great, rare love, pitted against the burning jealousy of a wicked rival. Will the strength and favour of God guide them through the murky waters they face and bring them to victory? Or are there lessons they need to learn that can better their lives and impact the lives of others?

Kentucky Miracles (Sagebrush Ranch Series Book 3)

Graham and Dana are determined to win the roses. However, new daunting challenges lay ahead when Dana becomes pregnant with male twins.
Widower Louis Stein, an Israeli ambassador, visits Kentucky seeking a safe haven for his daughter Talia. Dana and Talia meet and quickly bond. Longing for a daughter, Dana invites Talia to move onto Sugarbush. Beset with secret financial woes, Graham won’t hear of it, yet Dana insists on it. Pushed to the brink, Graham threatens divorce.
Can they reconcile? Will they win the Derby? Will Dana’s step-mom Danielle come to her senses and seek forgiveness from them? Rumour has it that she has become philanthropic, has God performed a miracle in her heart?
Read the conclusion to this riveting story of great love, daunting goals and betrayal.

Love Found in Manhattan

When Tiffany Vandermeer’s adoptive parents’ Cessna 52 crashes at LaGuardia on Christmas Eve morning, she is devastated. Reeling form shock, she wanders around New York in a snowstorm, soon discovering an abandoned baby. This find leads her into the arms of handsome pediatrician, Jason Precott. The chemistry between them is palpable. Tiffany doesn’t want to deceive Jason, but she’s bonded with the infant, and can’t bear to see him placed in a orphanage as she’d been.
Will her deceit destroy their budding romance? Or will God and his miraculous timing allow her to retrieve the baby if she relinquishes him to authorities?
Read this story of deceit, forgiveness and triumphant love as Jason shows her how to give up this precious baby and trust God to make things right.

The Mystery of Bedford House

Suzie Allen returns home from Paris, cutting her Art Sabbatical short, upon learning her beloved aunt Tally, with whom she shares the Bedford House, has died under mysterious circumstances Suzie suspects foul play.
Longtime, live-in housekeeper, Effie Clark has vanished, taking her meagre belongings with her.
Upon learning that two escapees are on the loose in the area, Suzie checks into the nearby lakeside hotel. A chance meeting at breakfast with art collector and ex-sheriff Rory Clifton sets her heart racing. He is the most fascinating, surprising, charming man she’s ever met. Will the mutual sparks between them ignite into lasting love? Ryan is determined to solve the mysterious happenings in the mansion and assuage her fears about the escapees. Instead, they find themselves in the midst of the action.

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