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Angel in Shining Armor

Marlene Worrall

Suicide. It’s her only option.

19 year old Ayita High-Eagle determines to end her sordid existence with her abusive, drunken, promiscuous Mom.
The abuse, the alcohol, the revolving door of strange men… she can’t take it any longer.

Plotting to end her life, she carefully plans her suicide. She’ll goad her horse into throwing her onto the massive boulder she has staked out, hit her head and die.

What if her carefully staged suicide attempt fails? What if she doesn’t die and instead becomes a cripple? Maybe even a paraplegic?
Still, there’s no other option, she’s going for it.

Buy “Angel in Shining Armor” now and find out what happens next!

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A few wonderful notes from my readers.
Ms. Worrall creates a solidly crafted, real life romantic adventure based on biblical principles. The characters are artfully woven and the story line draws you in. Marlene brings in a great deal of life adventure while illustrating how one can live a righteous life in whatever setting one finds oneself. I did not want to put the book down! Excellent read!
Debra A. Newell
B.S., MB., Phd. Author, Creative Director and Editor “A Strand of Pearls.
Amazon 5*
From the beginning, I empathized with Ayita and feared for her life. She’s a caring, ambitious young woman who has taken on more responsibility and heartache than is far for a nineteen year old, desperate to start her own life or end it. The burdens she carries from her alcoholic Mother are almost too much to bear, but a flash of hope propels her onward.,Worrall writes in vivid detail and doesn’t shy away from the challenges we face in life. I recommend “Angel in Shining Armor and hope Ms. Worrall will continue on her writing journey, continue learning the craft and exploring new topics.
Sara Goff
Author of “I always cry at Weddings.”
Goodreads 5*

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